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Days of Our Lives: Episode #1.12456

Days of Our Lives: Episode #1.12456

Daniel Cosgrove Eileen Davidson Kassie Wesley DePaiva Mary Beth Evans Deidre Hall Sal Landi Jen Lilley Meredith Scott Lynn Eric Martsolf Casey Moss True O'Brien Kevin Riggin Greg Vaughan Marie Wilson
Plassering filming:-
Grant A. Johnson
60 min
Premieredato:3 November 2014
Språk:Norsk, English
Cinema Vehicle Services, Corday Productions, Cutter Productions
Last ned formater:M2TS, M4V, FLV, MKV, VOB, SWF, WebM
7.2/10 (Stemmer: 1659)
Søkeordsamsvar: Drama  Romance 
Film Nøkkelord:
Om filmen:
Brady shows up at Kristen's room and tells her that he now believes she was telling the truth about John and Theresa. Kristen starts to think there is hope for the two of them but Brady then tells Kristen that he saw her and Daniel together in bed. Marlena and Eric chase after Theresa and Anne. Theresa tries to deny what John said and that Kristen's recording is a fake. Later, Theresa informs Anne that she is pregnant with Brady's baby as Kristen listens in. Paige overhears Eve and Kayla talking about how Kayla was raped by Jack. Paige is shocked and texts JJ to meet her. Bev takes compromising pictures of JJ with two girls and shows them to Paige before she meets up with JJ. Aiden runs into Bree, who is an old friend of Hope's, the two know each other from Portland. Hope sees the two of them together and after Bree leaves Hope questions Aiden about how they know each other. Aiden ends up backing out of the movie night they had planned with the kids leaving Hope confused.

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